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Please refer to the Board Policy Link to review the Homework Policy:


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Frequency and Average
Amount of Homework

As a general rule, all Kinoshita students will have homework assigned three-four nights a week to reinforce academic standards being taught.  In addition, students will be expected to read independently or have parents read to them for approximately 30 minutes five days per week. Recommended time allocations for assigned homework (outside of silent reading):

Grade Level Minutes
Kindergarten and First Grade 10-20
Second and Third Grade 20-30
Fourth and Fifth Grade  40-50

Grade Weight of Homework

Homework grades will reflect both academic and effort grading, as delineated on the report card.  The weight of any individual assignment will be determined by the classroom teacher or grade level team, depending on the nature of the assignment.

Homework Make-Up Procedures

Illness/Excused Absences: Students will be given an appropriate amount of time to make-up the work based on the reason for their absence and the amount of work they are capable of doing in consideration of their absence at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Late Work: Students will be encouraged to turn-in late or missing homework with at least partial credit given for work that is handed in within a reasonable time period. Consequences for chronic missing or late work may include recess detention, denial of special classroom privileges, daily contract, parent conferences, or referral to the principal.  Also, effort grades on the report card will reflect homework completion.

Guidelines for Appropriate Parent Involvement in Homework

Listed below are guidelines for parent involvement:
Establish a quiet environment and regular time for homework each day.
Provide the necessary supplies, such as pencils, paper, dictionary, crayons, etc.
Encourage students to do their best work possible.  Offer praise for a job well done.
Show interest by asking questions such as “What is the assignment about?”
Offer to help with instructions or answer questions.
Check that assignments are complete and neatly done, and then initial the binder.
Establish consequences for not completing homework.

Means by Which Parents Will Be Informed about Expectations

Each student in third-fifth grade will receive a Reminder Binder with a section explaining specific homework guidelines and expectations.  Parents will also be informed about homework procedures by teachers during Back to School Night, at conferences, and through written communication from individual teachers and the school.

In School Procedures to Teach Study Habits  

Teachers will teach study skills such as time management, use and review of prior knowledge, graphic organizers, outlining, and agendas to assist students with homework assignments.  Prior to homework being assigned, teachers will model procedures and provide guided practice to ensure that students understand the expectations for the assignment.

Access to Resources and Materials, Assistance/Support

It will be the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that students have access to resources, materials and support needed to complete a homework assignment.  Modification of assignments on an individual student basis may be needed for some homework assignments.

Coordination of Assignments, Tests Among Teachers

Planning of homework assignments will be part of individual and team planning to ensure assignments are standards-based, purposeful and consistent.

Procedures for Informing Students of Link Between Homework Assignment and Standards

As with all assignments, teachers will be sure that students understand the relationship between a homework assignment and the individual objectives and overall curriculum goals of the content standard(s) to which the assignment is linked.

Guidelines for Student Success in Homework Completion

To successfully complete homework, students should:
Listen carefully to all directions regarding homework.
Ask questions if the assignments are not clear.
Keep a Reminder Binder of all assignments, including due dates and other specific requirements.  Take home all necessary materials.
Have a definite time and space for study, free from distractions.

Budget time wisely. Begin assignments promptly and turn them in when due.


Strive for best results.  Work independently unless help is needed.


Make up any work missed.